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Testing Scope:
A comprehensive third-party technical service organization that integrates testing, calibration, inspection, training and certification to provide one-stop solutions for enterprises.
  • EMC Testing
  • Environmental Reliability Testing
  • Automobile Electronic Testing
  • Radio Frequency Communication Testing
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Battery Testing
EMC Testing DDT Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory is mainly engaged in electromagnetic compatibility testing and and certification for electrical and electronic products.

  • Lamps and Lanterns ProductsLamps and Lanterns ProductsThe certification of lamps and lanterns Products lighting appliances shall meet the requirements of Safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), energy consumption, IP dustproof and waterproof level and other relevant regulations.
  • Tablet PCTablet PCTablet PC mainly depends on the characteristics of it, If it is just a normal tablet computer with functions such as wireless, WIFI, Bluetooth, without a communication module such as GSM or WCDMA,then it can be certified as a wireless product,and RF test
  • Multi-functional SpeakersMulti-functional SpeakersMultimedia speakers are also commonly referred to as "computer speakers", which are devices used in home PC multimedia to convert audio electrical signals into sound signals.
  • Medical ProductMedical ProductThere are strict requirements for medical products in every country, and EMC test is just a part of the safety standards for medical machinery products exportation.
  • Household AppliancesHousehold AppliancesThe source of electromagnetic disturbance of household appliances is mainly formed by the sparks generated by the commutator motor in it,and the actions of mechanical switches,various controllers, and protectors.
  • Multimedia Self-service TerminalMultimedia Self-service TerminalSelf-service terminal is a high-tech product which integrates computer technology, network technology, electro-mechanical technology and automatic control technology.
Environmental Reliability Testing DDT has a 4000 ㎡ environmental reliability laboratory and more than 500 sets of environmental reliability testing equipment.
Automobile Electronic Testing DDT Automotive Electronics Laboratory has a customized anechoic chamber for automobile electronics,2 electromagnetic shielding rooms, a full set of CISPR 25 automotive electronic components space radiation and conduction testing equipment etc.
  • Automative Lighting Automative Lighting Automotive electronics laboratory professionally provides authoritative and reliable testing and certification services for the automotive electronics industry. It can test automotive parts and lights including: various types of automotive lighting device
  • Vehicle NavigationVehicle NavigationThe vehicle multimedia navigation system is a multimedia system and navigation system embedded in the automobile.
Radio Frequency Communication Testing DDT RF Lab has a full set of SRD, Zigbee,Bluetooth, WI-FI, DFS, 3G, 4G RF test equipment and systems; GPS, Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS satellite navigation test system; DAB, DVB-T, DVB-S digital audio and video broadcasting test system etc.
  • Wireless bluetooth headsetWireless bluetooth headsetBluetooth devices operate in the ISM band and communicate via Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK) digital frequency modulation technology. Time division multiplexing (TDD) is used between devices, and an extremely fast frequency hopping scheme is used
  • Bluetooth AudioBluetooth AudioThe Bluetooth RF design uses a variety of system architectures, ranging from traditional analog modulation to intermediate frequency based systems to digital IQ modulator/demodulator configurations.
  • Wireless remote control toyWireless remote control toyToy testing, as its name implies, is the testing of toy products. There are special testing standards for toy products, and the standards and requirements vary from country to country.
  • MobileMobileDDT can provide professional technical assistance and efficient services for mobile phones to enter the global market.
  • Wireless charging deviceWireless charging deviceWireless charging, like the black technology in sci-fi movies, is full of fantasy and unknown.
  • WIFIWIFIWi-Fi is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless local area network (WLAN), typically using a 2.4G UHF or 5G SHF ISM RF band.
Electrical Safety Testing DDT Safety Laboratory has a team of experienced safety engineers and has obtained the qualifications of CBTL testing laboratory and witness laboratory qualifications of TUV, UL, Nemko, ITS and CSA.
  • Bluetooth EarphoneBluetooth EarphoneBattery overcharge/over discharge are the common safety testing items for bluetooth headset,portable audio-visual products such as headphones exported to the European Union are required to do sound pressure test, IP protection test can be added if needed.
  • LED Drive PowerLED Drive PowerThe LED drive power supply is a device that is placed between the power supply and one or more LED modules to provide a rated voltage or current to the LED modules. The device can be composed of one or more separate components and has the ability to dim,
  • Car Audio and Video SystemCar Audio and Video SystemThe car host is the core part of the car audio and video system. The main function is to play the sound,which is of the same function the DVD player in the home theater.
  • Mobile DisplayMobile DisplayThe mobile display is in IEC/EN 60065 and the display requires a 0.5J spring impact hammer test.
  • Ceiling lightCeiling lightThe ceiling lamp is called because the upper part of the luminaire is relatively flat and the bottom is completely attached to the roof when it is installed.
  • AudioAudioAudio AC products need to increase the working voltage, leakage current, withstand voltage test, insulation resistance and other related tests. Products more than 7KG need to be tested for drop and stability.
Battery Testing DDT Battery Laboratory has complete testing equipment, which can fully test the safety of batteries and battery cells according to the standards of IEC, UL, GB, EN etc.
Certification service
A team of experienced experts provides a one-stop comprehensive service from product evaluation, forecasting, training, rectification, factory inspection, testing to certification.
  • India BIS Certification
  • South Africa SABS Certification
  • India WPC Certification
  • Thailand TISI Certification
  • Thailand NBTC Certification
  • Global Agency Authorizations
    Third-party organization global certification and testing platform
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